Advantages and differences of driving lessons in Intensive Driving

Driving lessons at the Intensive Center will allow you to:

  • get the basic skills that will allow to drive,
  • to learn driving INTENSIVE
  • drive safely, despite the small driving experience
  • study driving in Kiev on the own car – maneuvering, parking, transport interchanges
  • take a safe driving course,driving in winter

Safe driving lessons in Kiev - is necessary for everyone

About 70% of our students came to us with a driving license, they required basic training or improving driving skills that would ensure safe driving.

Improving driving skills is necessary for all drivers, not just for beginners. Precisely because the DRIVER, regardless of experience and personal qualities, RESPONDS FOR ALL ACTIONS (their actions and actions of other road users, and driver can prevent errors, regardless of who made them). Increase skill now is necessary for everyone.

Our instructors achieve the BEST results in training using:

  • INDIVIDUAL approach in practical driving lessons
  • combination of driving lessons for MANEUVERING on a large driving area and intensive DRIVING lessons IN THE CITY.

Private driving lessons of our Center will be useful, and each driver will receive the necessary knowledge, and driving lessons will take place in an atmosphere of positive and professionalism.

START - driving lessons in Kiev for beginners (with a "driving license" or without it)

  • Driving lessons on the special driving area up to 60 km / h
  • Lessons in the city - without limitation of mileage
  • Car delivery in Kiev and Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district
  • Intensive training in driving a car
  • Individual training in driving lessons
  • Driving lessons on a training cars, and later on your car
  • The fear of auto does not develop, as the first driving lessons take place on the special driving area
  • Expected result of learning in driving appears faster,
  • You get a REAL skill, that allows you to drive yourself
  • You drive actively and safely , despite a little driving experience

Megapolis - renewal and improvement of the driving skill

  • Improving driving, including parking and safe driving
  • Driving routes in Kiev of any complexity, safe driving technique
  • Adaptation (addictive) to own car
  • Self and safer driving on your car in city traffic any traffic intensity
individual lessons in driving school

Get confidence and safety in our lessons in Kiev!

Extreme driving courses - lessons of anti-emergency driving

  • Exercises for emergency maneuvering in lessons of anti-emergency driving
  • Driving in the sliding on the snow - extreme driving in winter
  • Understanding the nuances of control of your car in emergency situation
  • Obtaining a "useful" skill, preparing for actions that minimize the consequences in an emergency situation
lessons from the school of extreme driving

Do not let extreme driving situations - come on a course of anti-emergency training!

Our students and feedback about the driving lessons in Kiev

When I arrived in Kiev from another city, I quickly helped to adapt to driving in Kiev.

I really wanted a car, it appeared, but the joy almost broke about the realities of the traffic in Kiev ..., and the forecasts of the previous driving instructor in Kiev about my abilities were not inspiring.

Since then, I was fortunate enough to get some incredible driving lessons at Intensive Center without meeting real professionals, I would have traveled with another instructor in the right lane no more than 30 km / h.

I drive a car for 19 years, but I learned so much new!!!

My first ever "Handbrake turn" is an unforgettable experience. Before snowfall, I strongly advise you to learn extreme winter driving. 2-3 hours of study - it is a new experience and a chance to save a life. For 19 years I drive a car, and the new one always has a lot to learn. And the price is only half the fuel tank)) This driving school will help you!

  • this is a learning history,
  • the most complete description of the learning process and the result obtained from the driving lessons.